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    Non-Toxic Bath Time Essentials + Toys!

    bath nontoxic

    Cozy up with a bath time bedtime routine and these safe, non-toxic favorites for your little one! From organic towels to the top toys for the tub, you’ll surely find something to love!

    Organic cotton is best. We love GOTS certified Burt’s Bees towels as they are affordable, soft, and come in so many cute patterns like rosy flowers and little ducks! Another good option, includes these soft, ultra absorbent GOTS certified towels made in Turkey!

    Again, organic cotton is your best bet when it comes to anything going on or around your baby’s sensitive skin. Burt’s Bees wash cloths are what we use most in our home and I actually just ordered another set. Durable, soft and made from breathable 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

    Shampoo & Body Wash
    This is my absolute favorite shampoo and body wash for baby (and myself). It smells AMAZING and is both gentle and effective without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The hypoallergenic formula uses certified organic plant, vegetable, flower and tree extracts and scented with organic sweet pea essence – yum! It also rinses easily and lathers less (so don’t expect a ton of suds). This has been our go-to for quite some time and I highly recommend it. Other shampoos/washes that we like are Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap, Earth Mama Lavender Foaming Soap or un-scented, and Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Baby Wash. You’ll want to avoid these common ingredients that are known to cause cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, neurotoxicity and/or skin irritation: parabens, synthetic fragrances, 1,2 dioxane, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium laureate, ceteareth, PEG chemicals, formaldehyde, quaternium-15, dimethyl-dimethyl (DMDM) hydantoin. Stay tuned for a post on this!

    Experts say babies really don’t need lotion, but if your little one’s skin needs a little hydration, this is the best pick! Earth Mama is one of our ‘go-to’ brands that I really love and trust. This organic lotion comes unscented or scented (calming lavender and sweet orange). It’s great at moisturizing baby’s delicate skin and best of all contains no petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, or artificial fragrance. Hands down the best!

    You’ll want a non-toxic tub for your newborn that is BPA-, PVC- , and Pthalate-free at a minimum! The Stokee Collapsible Tub is a great option made of Polypropylene (PP) and Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE). The Boon Bath Tub is another great non-toxic choice that is also collapsible and simple to hang!

    Be sure to choose AVOID flame retardants that are found children’s pajamas! Look for the words “tight-fitting” and “NOT flame resistant” on the tag. Avoid polyester although is it usually inherently flame resistant, it still is essential made of the same components as plastic and contains chemicals you don’t want on your baby’s skin. When purchasing pajamas, organic is best, if possible. Your little one is in pajamas for the longest amount of time throughout the day, so by choosing organic, you are ensuring no pesticides or harsh chemicals snuggle up against their skin. My favorite organic PJ’s for babies and kiddos are: L’oved Baby (super soft), Hanna Andersson (durable quality), and Burt’s Bees (most affordable). I am also a big fan of these brands because they have matching jammies for me! Each of these brands also makes two piece sets as well. Check out my guide to organic clothing for your little one here!

    While I don’t think a bath robe is a necessity, especially for your little one, some kiddos LOVE them! This one comes in several colors and is made from thick, cozy, GOTS certified organic cotton. Burt’s Bees also makes this cute option for your baby!

    We LOVE this easy-to-clean and store potty! It comes in multiple colors and styles so you can choose what is best for your babe. It is completely free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium, chlorine, lead, and bromine making it one of the safest pottys on the market. Baby Bjorn also makes this compact version for smaller spaces and this toliet trainer if you’re looking for something to attach to your ‘big potty’.

    Unfortunately, many bathmats were and are made with PVC. And the bath is one place you want to really avoid PVC. Warm water temperatures cause chemicals to leach into the water to which they are then absorbed into your skin! We ended up replacing our old PVC mat with this one by Hevea. Made from 100% natural rubber with zero harmful chemicals or dyes, it was the best option I could find. It also comes in a natural rubber color. Now… true life… I was SUPER hesitant about purchasing a dark mat (I always loved the pretty pastel blue mats), but it actually didn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. It worked well for us until we were able to redo our bathroom and purchase a tub with a textured bottom (#lifehack).

    Other options? Cotton mats! FYI: I contacted Hevea and they said in the future they will be working on a more colorful mat.

    Did you know that most “rubber duckies” are not made with rubber at all? They are usually made out of toxic PVC! If you are looking for a safer option, toys made from natural rubber, wood, or safe plastic like Green Toys, are your best options. Here are my top picks for safe bath time fun:

    Hevea Natural Rubber Duck
    Perfect for the bath or playtime, these pure natural rubber duckies come in several different colors and sizes! Each duck is hand painted and contains no holes leaving out the potential to trap water and mold. As one of my first purchases for my daughter, I loved that I didn’t need to worry if she also used it as a teether. Plus, they are completely plastic-free, pvc-free, bpa-free and compostable! The only ‘qualm’ is that sometimes they tip over in the bath, other than that, they are a great non-toxic option. Hevea also makes unpainted options like these and cute whale/turtle combo sets!

    Begin Again Aquatic Creatures
    These little aquatic sea creatures are perfect for the tub, beach, or pool! The large holes make them easy to drain (and prevent mold!). They are made from natural rubber and do have the rubber scent, but it dissipates after a few washes. We actually have 2 of these sets – one for outdoors and one for in! Made in China.

    Green Toys Bath Toys
    One of the only plastic toys you’ll see me recommend is Green Toys. Made from recycled milk jugs in the USA, they are a safe, eco-conscious choice for your little one. Green Toys contain no BPA, Phthalates or PVC. The colors do not fade like typical plastic and they are much more study too! This boat is one of our bath time favorites and comes in other colors too! It’s perfect for playing and helpful for hair washing! This seaplane is another fun bath time option.

    Plan Toys Bath Toys
    Plan Toys is one of my favorite, most trusted brands for toys (we have too many to count!) Made from sustainable, non-toxic rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glues, organic pigments, and water based dyes, these toys are extremely durable and will last forever! I could go on and on, but I’ll let you see for yourself! 🙂 Some bath toy favorites include the sealife set (pictured), sailboat / penguin duo, and the coastguard!

    Caacho Bath Toys
    Made of 100% pure, natural rubber, these bath toys are perfect for fun and teething. Each toy uses food-grade paint and is BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and Nitrosamine Free. Favorites from this brand include the seashorse (pictured), whale, and sea turtle! Be sure to air dry!

    Honeysticks Bath Colour Drops
    Made in New Zealand, these non-toxic drops make bath time so much fun! I love that they are fragrance-free and free of chemicals. Ingredients include: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid (as in citrus fruits), dextrose (simple sugars), food grade colorings, magnesium stearate (simple salts) and cellulose (plant compound). Tip: We split these in half so that they last even longer!

    Honeysticks Bath Crayons
    Made from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax, soy wax and food grade pigments, we always have these bath crayons on hand in our home! Everything from the crayon to the packaging is sustainable and biodegradable. The wrappers are made from ‘crushed rock’ rather than plastic like other bath crayons and the tin can has holes on the bottom for easy drainage. Prettttty cool!

    Explore more of our bath time favorites by visiting our Amazon Storefront.  Thanks for reading!

    Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” Therefore, if you click on a link and purchase the item, we may receive a small commission that helps offset our time writing and researching. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we use personally and have extensively researched. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity to our readers.

    Full Disclaimer and Disclosure here.

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    Quick Healthy Snack Ideas For The Whole Family

    In today’s world, so much of our food is processed, so when my little one started to eat solids, I was looking for healthy alternatives without the preservatives and additives. The recipes below are not only super simple to make, but as my 2 year old would say, are “delicious and nutritious”! Enjoy.

    Frozen Bananas Slices

    1. Slice bananas.
    2. Sprinkle with cinnamon and cocoa powder.
    3. Place on a glass plate. Freeze (30 minutes or more) and enjoy!

    Easy Banana Oat Bites (Egg-free!)

    1. Add 1 Banana, 1/4 Cup Quick Oats, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract.
    2. Sprinkle in cinnamon, cocoa powder, & raisins – depending on preference. Mix.
    3. Pour mixture into 6 muffin liners and press flat. Bake at 350 Degrees F for 6-10 minutes depending on your texture preference (softer vs. firmer).
    4. Let cool and enjoy! We usually double this recipe to make the bites a bit thicker.

    Nutrient-Packed Popsicles & Smoothies

    1. Blend water or coconut water, bananas, mango, berries, carrots, celery, spinach, kale or any fruit/veggie combo together.
    2. Optional Nutrition: Add Vitamin C Powder, Beet Powder, Magnesium, Chia or Flax Seed for an extra boost!
    3. Then, to make the smoothie Popsicles… Pour into a popsicle mold, like the one we have, and enjoy!

    Our favorite blend: Banana, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, carrots and chia seeds! If you’ve never had carrots in a smoothie before, start by adding just a few. Blend well.

    Kale Chips

    1. 1 Bunch of Fresh Kale – thoroughly wash and dry the kale. Then, cut off stems and tear into bite sized pieces.
    2. Toss with olive oil and salt.
    3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place kale on sheet.
    4. Bake at 350 F, turning half way, for approximately 15 minutes or until edges begin to brown – not burn!

    Yogurt Bark

    1. Cut fresh strawberries into tiny pieces.
    2. Mix in a bowl with yogurt.
    3. Pour mixture onto a baking sheet (lined with parchment paper) an freeze for at least 2 hours.
    4. Break apart into smaller pieces and enjoy!


    • Ants on a Log (celery, peanut butter or almond butter, and unsweetened raisins)
    • Carrots Sticks & Almond Butter
    • Apple Slices with Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
    • Bell Peppers & Hummus
    • Cucumbers & Hummus
    • Pumpkin Seeds
    • Toast with Avocado and Tomato
    • Unsweetened Applesauce & Cinnamon
    • Nuts & Unsweetened Raisins
    • Hard-Boiled Eggs
    • Caprese Skewers
    • Kefir or yogurt
    • Almond Butter and Jelly Tortilla Roll-Ups
    • Hummus, cucumber, cracker sandwiches
    • Almond Butter & Banana Sandwiches (just those two ingredients!)
    • Oatmeal
    • Avocado Slices
    • Healthy Blueberry Muffins
    • Oat Energy Balls

    Looking for non-toxic kitchen items? Cups, plates, utensils, mixers, and more? Check out my personal recommendations of products I use in my home! Free of BPA, lead, cadmium, heavy metals and many other toxic chemicals.

    Full disclosure and disclaimer here.

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    10 Essential Toddler Travel Tips

    travel toddler

    I remember the days leading up to my beautiful Hawaiian vacation… with my adorable 18 month old…

    Traveling with a toddler, can be… a bit… of a challenge at times. From mid-car ride meltdowns to plentiful potty breaks, even a quick 10 minute trip could potentially end up disastrous. But, here’s the good news… you have some of the best tried and true methods for traveling with a toddler right at your finger tips!

    Here’s all you need to know before you go…

    1. Distractions, distractions, distractions!

    Bring new toys, travel games, stickers or books along with some of their favorite comfort toys. Here are a few of my favorite travel items for toddlers: Tegu Magnetic Blocks, Haba Farm – Portable, Haba Magnetic Dress Up Doll. Check back for my upcoming blog post on Best Travel Toys!

    2. Snacks & Water Galore!

    Pack all of the snacks, water, breast milk, formula, and even a lollipop or two (especially if you are flying and experience pressure change)! We always try to eat healthy (and organic) as much as possible and even road trips, if you prep in advance, it can be simple to do! We usually bring berries, bananas, frozen fruit pouches, crackers, freeze dried fruits, & raisins.

    3. Double Up on Diapers & Toddler Toiletries

    Make sure you always have extra diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes. You never know what can happen!

    4. Hand Sanitizer & Wet Wipes

    I always have hand sanitize, wipes, hydrogen peroxide on hand when traveling. There are so many germs everywhere – the last thing you want is a sick toddler on vacation. Personally, we love the Cleanwell wipes. We bring them everywhere from dining out to destination vacations. We also always make sure we have wet wipes on hand, which are perfect for wiping sticky hands and faces, and of course, for the occasional diaper blowout! Eco by Naty are my absolute favorite; they are fragrance free, cruelty-free, 100% compostable, and contain zero plastic and zero nasty chemicals!

    5. Don’t forget a sound machine and cozy blanket!

    Cuddle your little one with his or her favorite blanket (and lovey) to bring the comforts of home to the wide open road! Sound machines, like this portable one, are helpful little devices for when your child really needs to get some R & R.

    6. Consider a Kid-Friendly Tablet.

    Although, in general, we limit screen time (to as little as little as humanely possible), we did purchase a Kids Fire Tablet for our flight to Hawaii. But, to be honest, we really just wanted it as back up and our 18 month old really only used it for less than 20 minutes. With that being said, I think if she were a bit older, it could have definitely been a lifesaver. We also purchased these kid-friendly headphones so everyone on the plane didn’t have to hear “Moana”!

    7. If you are flying, book a direct flight.

    Less time traveling = less time stressing. Layovers create chaos at times, not to mention, you may have to wake your little one from their slumber.

    8. Boarding a Flight – Avoid Pre-Boarding.

    This may or may not be the popular opinion, but I do not take advantage of the pre-boarding. My toddler loves to run around and doesn’t want to sit still resulting in total chaos on the plane prior to departure. We usually always board near the end and are still able to wipe down seat trays and get situated before the last passenger boards.

    9. Purchase a seat for your little one.

    Even if your child is under 2, it may be beneficial to purchase a seat. This is especially important if the flight is a longer one. Not only does the FAA urge parents to use a child safety restraint or device, such as the FAA Approved CARES Harness or your child’s car seat, but the extra space really does come in handy for activities, storage, and snuggles! As a safety pre-caution try to always keep your child buckled in, as much as possible

    10. Gate Check Strollers and/or Car Seats

    This. Makes. Travel. So. Much. Easier. Just do it!

    FINAL TIP: JUST RELAX & ENJOY THE RIDE! They are only little once.

    Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, but do not suggest giving Melatonin or Benedryl for travel. As always, check with your healthcare provider before starting any medical treatment. This blog has not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products or methods mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment.

    Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are “affiliate links.” Therefore, if you click on a link and purchase the item, I may receive a small commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we use personally and have extensively researched. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity to our readers. Thank you for your support!