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    The Best Non-Toxic Art Supplies!

    Chemicals in popular art supplies have raised quite a few red flags over the years. The good news is, you can still let your kiddos creativity flow – safe supplies DO exist!

    Concerns with Art Supplies

    • Chemicals known to cause a host of health issues including heavy metals like lead, asbestos fibers, phthalates, formaldehyde, PVC, xylene, ammonia, and VOCs can be present (and many often are).
    • Young children and babies are most susceptible to harmful chemicals that may lurk in toys, art supplies and around your home. Babies often ‘mouth’ art supplies which is specifically concerning.
    • Children and babies can inhale lead dust and asbestos fibers leading to long-term health issues and irreversible damage.
    • Asbestos and lead have been found in chalk.
    • Lead has been found in crayons and paint.
    • Undisclosed chemicals and other ‘proprietary’ ingredients make-up traditional play dough.

    BUT, thankfully, there are safe art supplies on the market that will allow your little one to channel their inner artist and spark their creativity!

    The list below contains my absolute favorite truly non-toxic art supplies:

    Filana Crayons

    These crayons are my absolute favorite crayons! Filana uses organic beeswax and natural colors to make their crayons without petroleum waxes, paraffin, and GMO’s! I also love how smooth they color (you’ll know exactly what I’m talking) and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes – perfect for little hands! Made in the USA.

    Play Dough, Paint, Crayons, Creative Kits

    Eco-Kids makes a variety of different art supplies made from natural materials such as beeswax and flour. We love their play dough and egg coloring kits, but they also make crayons, paint and other creative kits. All of their dyes are made from natural, organic pigments sourced from vegetables, plants, and fruits. Made in the USA.

    Colored Pencils

    Lyra colored pencils wear so much better than your typical colored pencil, meaning less sharpening is required and they last longer! These unlacquered colored pencils are AP certified non-toxic too, and glide oh, so smoothly! Made in Germany.

    Paint, Beeswax, Crayons

    Stockmar uses natural materials to create safe art supplies for your kiddos! Wax crayonsmodeling beeswax stripswater-based paints and more make-up this creative collection! Made in Germany.

    Tip: Always choose water-based paints for your kids. Oil-based paints often contain heavy metals, VOCs, and other chemicals.

    Bath Crayons, Bath Drops, Crayons

    Honeysticks crayons are made from 100% New Zealand beeswax and food grade pigments without paraffin wax, synthetic fragrance, or fillers. My daughter is obsessed (literally) with these bath crayons and bath drops and I love that they are non-toxic and clean up easily! Honeysticks also makes these thick crayons (my daughter’s first crayons!), but I have to admit, these don’t write as well as the Finela Crayons. Honeysticks also make thinner crayons too and paint – which I haven’t tried yet! Made in New Zealand.

    Green Toys
    Play Dough

    Made from organic flour, Green Toys manufacturers their natural dough using natural colors rather than synthetic dyes in a food manufacturing facility. Made in the USA. Shop Green Toys on Amazon here.

    Veggie Baby (originally Wee Can Too)
    Paint and Chalk

    Made from vegan-friendly organic veggies that are dairy, sugar, nut, preservative, and gluten free, Veggie Baby paints are truely non-toxic for your little one and even edible! Veggie Baby (formerly Wee Can Too) used to make organic chalk that was the safest on the market, but they discontinued it. Made in the USA.

    IKEA – Just OK, read the description.
    Art Easel and Art Supplies

    IKEA is an affordable, conscious company, that makes some solid wood toys and art supplies for your little one! While not my top choice, due to IKEA lacking the testing and credentials of the brands above, it is still an OK option, in my opinion for when kiddos are a bit older or out of the mouthing stage. Personally, we love their chalk board/easel (less expensive on their website)! Made mostly in China and Sweden.

    Looking for more of my non-toxic favorites for your family? Shop my faves by visiting my Amazon Storefront here.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Easy Homemade Bath Paint Recipe!

    diy bath paint nontoxic easy

    Unleash your inner artist with this easy-peasy homemade bath paint recipe! Soon, you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful bathtub masterpiece – and best of all, clean-up will be a breeze (you’re welcome, mamas and dadas)!



    1. In a saucepan, whisk cornstarch, water, and soap together until it dissolves and appears pasty.
    2. Bring the mixture to a boil. Stir constantly to ensure a smooth consistency.
    3. Lower the heat and continue to stir until the mixture becomes gel-like.
    4. Scoop mixture into airtight containers. Then, add desired food coloring to each and stir. Baby food jars work great – we used these by OXO. If you’d like to make just 1 paint color, you can add the food coloring directly to the saucepan.

    Store any leftover paint in an airtight container and stir well prior to each use as the paint will separate a bit. Happy Painting!

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