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    6 Ways to Detox Your Laundry Routine

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    The fresh scent of clean clothes may actually just reek of chemicals getting ready to penetrate your skin and irritate your airways! That’s the case if you are washing your beloved cashmere sweater or cute cotton cardigan with synthetic fragrances, butane, or perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) – common chemicals found in detergents and other laundry products. Detox your laundry routine today with these 6 simple steps.

    1. Purchase a natural, non-toxic laundry detergent.

    Skin irritation, asthma, hormonal issues, and even cancer are commonly linked to harmful chemicals found in our everyday products… and detergents are no different. Using a safer detergent is not only better for our health, but also better for the environment too!

    Artificial fragrance, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, ethanol, laureth-9, sodium hydroxide, diethylene glycol, benzisothiazolinone, and FD&C Yellow 3 are a few toxic ingredients found in many detergents on the market today, including the widely marketed baby detergent, Dreft. P.S. Pleassee do not use Dreft!

    Best Non-Toxic Choices: In my home, we switch between my personal non-toxic favorites: Meliora (my go-to), Eco Nuts (made from just soapberries!), Better Life, and Molly’s Suds.

    2. Ditch dryer sheets and use wool balls instead.

    Harmful chemicals added to traditional dryer sheets include acetone, acetaldehyde, butane, fragrance, and quats. The EPA states that there is no safe level of exposure for specific carcinogens like acetaldehyde and butane.

    Wool dryer balls are not only reusable and environmentally friendly, but they are free of chemicals and will save you money in the long run! You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a fresh, natural scent.

    3. Avoid fabric softener and use vinegar, if needed.  

    Did you know traditional fabric softeners make clothing “softer” by using a array of not-so-great chemicals? These chemicals are known to cause respiratory problems, reproductive issues, skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, asthma, coma, and even death.

    Cleaning grade vinegar can be used as a natural fabric softener – and no, your clothes will not smell like vinegar!

    Note: It is possible to damage the ‘rubber’ hoses of your washing machine when using vinegar on a regular basis, specifically in front loading washers. If you do choose to use this method, always dilute cleaning grade vinegar and do not add it directly to the drum to protect your washing machine hoses. Special thanks to one of readers for sharing this article!

    4. Stop using “Scotch-Guard” and “Wrinkle-Releasing” products!

    These products contain chemicals, including PFOS, which are known to cause reproductive and developmental issues, cancer, environmental harm, and respiratory issues like asthma. Avoid!

    5. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks AKA deceptive marketing.

    Greenwashing occurs when companies provide misleading information about how products are ‘clean, green, and organic’, when in fact, they are not environmentally sound at all. Just remember: Even if a product claims to be “organic”, “non-toxic”, or “free and clear” does not mean it truly is.

    Here are a few examples of greenwashed products: DREFT, All Free & Clear, Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent, and Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent.

    6. Wash your washer & clean dryer vents regularly.

    Chemicals linger in your washer and dryer, just as they linger on your clothes. Occasionally, remember to give your washer a rinse!

    As for the dryer vents and lint traps… Did you know chemicals from in and around your home all build up in the lint trap and dry vents? This includes flame retardants too! Be sure to clean these components regularly to prevent fires and eliminate toxins from your home.

    Don’t over stuff your washer!

    When you over stuff your washer, nothing is getting cleaned properly regardless of the products you use.

    The following non-toxic detergents are some of my personal favorites, that we use in our home. To learn more or purchase the product, click the image below or visit my Amazon Storefront for even more safe choices for your family. Thank you for reading!

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