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    DIY: IKEA Play Kitchen Hack

    ikea kitchen diy play

    After searching high and low for a “cute, actually non-toxic, less-than-$1000-Play-Kitchen”, I decided to get CrEaTiVe and try my hand at an “IKEA Play Kitchen Hack”.

    After a quick internet search, I realized all of the “hacks” I found used the same materials with toxic chemicals: spray paint, PVC backsplash, foam board, and more spray paint. I wanted something different… something better… so I started to brainstorm cute and creative non-toxic solutions. And here’s what I came up with…



    Paint knobs, handles, and kitchen prior to assembly.
    I was so excited to get started on my project that I had my husband put the whole kitchen together prior to painting, and even though it turned out perfectly, I recommend painting BEFORE you assemble. This will save you time taping.

    Tape & Paint
    After assembly, I used this Painter’s Tape to tape the areas I did not want painted. Then, painted the remaining areas with 2 coats of ECOS Paint in Eggshell. For this project, I did not use a primer and so far, after 2 years of daily play, the kitchen still looks just as good. But, you may want to use a primer just in case!

    Drill Hole & Attach Knobs
    After the paint was dry, I removed the tape and created “knobs for the burner” by drilling four holes, slightly larger than the size of the screw, into the base of the kitchen. By making the holes slightly larger, you are allowing the wooden knobs to turn once they are attached. Then, attach the knobs. Pro-Tip: If you are going to paint the knobs like I did, painting prior to attaching will save you time.

    Attach Handles
    Next, I attached the unfinished beech wood handles, to the microwave and lower cabinets. Smaller screws may be purchased or simply add a couple washers to the back like we did. Another alternative may be these wooden handles, but they do have a finish so you may want to sand it off. Pro Tip: If you want the handles to fit perfectly in the pre-drilled IKEA Kitchen holes, look for handles that have a 5″ Hole-to-Hole Distance.

    Attach “back-splash” and create matching towel!
    I pinned a piece of 12.5″ X 26.5″ 100% cotton fabric to the back of the IKEA kitchen using a regular push-pins. Then, I cut a 20″ X 32″ piece of fabric, folded it in half, and sewed the seams together to form a matching towel! The nice thing about using fabric is there are so many options! Plus, should your little one get bored, you can easily switch them to a new theme or color. Pro-Tip: While you can use other backings, this is the least toxic, I option I found. The problem I had with many of the “super cute” IKEA play kitchen hacks was they often use PVC (vinyl) and other toxic backings that may contain lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and who knows what else!

    Insert the stainless steel pan into the “sink” hole! And voilà! There you have your non-toxic IKEA Play Kitchen Hack!

    Now onto the really fun part…
    Must-Have Kitchen Accessories!

    1. Plan Toys Wooden Fruit & Vegetable Cutting Set
      This is my daughter’s favorite. Excellent quality, wooden fruits and veggies are attached with velco and able to be sliced. plays with it everyday! I highly recommend it!
    2. Tender Leaf Ice Cream Cart
      Another favorite that is used daily! Love the magnetic ice-cream and cones.
    3. IKEA Stainless 10-Piece Cookware and Utensil Set
      Kitchen Must-Have for the little chef in your home!
    4. Green Toys Tea Set
      Perfect accessories for this cute, little kitchen.
    5. Green Toys Cupcake Set
      One of the most popular items in our “kitchen”.
    6. Plan Toys Food & Beverage Set
      Adorable set with lids that come off the jam and honey!
    7. Plan Toys Breakfast Menu
      Eggs, bacon, salt and pepper with a “shake”! Love, love, love!
    8. Plan Toys Baking Utensils
      Great for the “kitchen” or play dough fun! P.S. Looking to make your own natural dough at home? Check out my DIY Play Dough post.

    Looking for more imaginative play ideas?
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