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    6 Natural Eucalyptus Decor Ideas

    home decor uses for eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus is beautiful, natural and easy to care for, making it one of my favorite plants to use for home decor. Best of all, once eucalyptus dries out, you can use it to decorate your living space for years to come!

    Why I love Eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus brings a fresh, new vibe to your home! The evergreen can last approximately three weeks if you cut the stems every few days and regularly change the water. Plus, not only does eucalyptus hold its leaves well, but it smells great too!

    Additionally, decorating your home with natural decor rather than artificial decor is healthier for your home too! Think about it… natural materials like plants, cotton, hemp, and so on all bio-degrade and are compostable. On the contrary, plastic creates microplastics further contaminating our soil and our bodies for generations to come! Plus, so much plastic is never actually able to be recycled.

    Home Decor Uses for Eucalyptus

    1. Eucalyptus Fireplace Decor

    Throughout the Christmas season, I typically place live cedar, pine or fir garland around my home. But, outside of the Christmas season, I’ve struggled to find garland to compliment my faux candles within my fireplace. Now, I use fresh eucalyptus to decorate the inside of my fireplace and it lasts all year long. For a clean green look, you can decorate your mantle with eucalyptus too! Scroll down to check out my fireplace decor.

    2. Eucalyptus Vase Decor

    One of the most common uses for eucalyptus is simply placing it in a vase. Create a serene bedroom scene, freshen up the bathroom, or brighten up the kitchen with some live eucalyptus. You can even use it in the bathroom. Endless possibilities, peopleeee! See examples below.

    3. Use Eucalyptus in the Shower

    The healing aromatic properties of this plant help you breath easier. Simply place a bundle in your shower and let the combination of steam and eucalyptus go to work! You can even hang it with some wire or twine.

    4. Eucalyptus Wreaths & Garland

    Eucalyptus wreaths and garland are naturally so pretty! Create your own eucalyptus wreaths by weaving the branches between the natural vines of a wreath similar to this one or use a metal wreath frame and use floral wire to attach the eucalyptus (see my example below). Garland can be created with twine or wire and placed throughout your home as well!

    5. Eucalyptus Centerpieces & Home Accents

    Earthy eucalyptus can be used to create a centerpiece on the dinner table, alongside candles on a shelf, or even tucked alongside a picture frame or wall art.

    6. Eucalyptus as a Natural Bug Repellent

    Spiders, mosquitoes and other bugs aren’t big fans of eucalyptol which is found in eucalyptus oil. Place the evergreen around your home, in corners, or cabinets to ward off insects.

    diy eucalyptus
    DIY fresh eucalyptus garland in my fireplace.
    My DIY eucalyptus wreath. This was actually a lot easier than I expected!
    DIY fresh eucalyptus in a vase.

    Keep in mind…

    Eucalyptus can be toxic to pets, so place it out of their reach. I’ve always used live eucalyptus to decorate my home and while my dog has zero intentions of eating it, every pet is different!

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