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How To Make Homemade Baby Food

Introducing your baby to food can be both exciting and scary. But, it doesn’t have to be! Making and serving homemade baby food is easier than ever and soon you’ll be on your way to filling your little one’s tiny tummy with delicious homemade purees!

Essentials You’ll Need:

Storage Options:

    We love these glass containers by OXO and still use them for snacks both at home and on the go! Tip: We have them in every color and when we made baby food, we would store different foods in each.
    Reusable, non-toxic, eco-conscious Stasher Bags (love, love, love!) work great!
    OK, this one mighttt look like a torture device that you found in grandma’s basement, but it works, will last forever, and it’s not plastic!

Other Must-Haves:

Homemade Baby Food Steps

Step 1: Prepare your produce

Wash and scrub fresh produce. You can skip this step if you are using frozen produce. Peel and chop the produce, if needed. Don’t forget to sanitize your work surface, your hands and all tools you’ll be utilizing too.

Step 2: Cook

While many methods can be used when making homemade baby food, we used our Instant Pot (on steam mode) to make all of my daughter’s purees. It was quick, easy and preserved the most nutrients. You may also roast, bake, or microwave produce as well. Once cooked, let the food cool.

Tip: Soft fruits and veggies like bananas and avocado do not need to be cooked first. Hence, why they were some of my favorites to use – Ha Ha!

Step 3: Blend

Transfer to your blender or food processor. Create a smooth consistency by adding a little water, breast milk, or formula. Add a little more if it still appears too thick. Soon you will become a master of “the eye-balling technique”!

Tip: We used the blender mode rather than the food processor mode. Both methods work when making homemade baby food.

Step 4: Baby Food Storage

Store your food in block glass containers, mason jars, reusable freezer safe baggies, or ice cube trays. Homemade baby food can lasts months in the freezer, but no more than 3 days in the refrigerator.

Step 5: Reheating and Defrosting

A night or two before you feed, thaw baby food in the fridge. Remember to refrigerate food in between to feedings.

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