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DIY: Natural Winter Fairy Light Decor!

fairy light holiday decor natural nontoxic

This year, I’ve really been into getting crafty with natural DIY creations. But, this is one of my faves! Both sustainable and non-toxic, this pine cone and fairy light decor is sure to light up your holiday season.


  • Pine Cones – The number depends on the size of your jar, size of the pine cones, and your personal preference. We included 4 in this project.
  • Epsom salt,  regular salt or kosher salt -We used this salt.
  • Glass Jar – a Ball Mason Jar works great or really any clear glass jar – we love the ones from Ikea! Just choose the size you’d like and you’re ready to begin.
  • Dewdrop Fairy Lights – we chose these Philips brand lights from Target! FYI: Many battery operated lights like these have tested free of heavy metals like lead (and even antimony) unlike traditional Christmas lights.
  • Pine Needles – we purchased these from our local Whole Foods, but you can also collect them from pine trees in your neighborhood.
  • Ribbon – we used pink ribbon to go with our pink and white holiday kitchen theme!
  • Craft Glue – it must dry clear like Mod Podge (which is what I used) or this Elmer’s.
  • Paint – for the middle pine cone we used this milk paint in the color ‘pink dogwood’. (Optional)
  • Brush or sponge – here is the sponge we used – it is half the price at the store! (Optional)
  • Wooden star or holiday decor of your choosing. (Optional)


  1. Paint your pine cones and any other decor (like the wooden star). We painted the tips of our pine cones using this method with a light pink and gold color. Then, we painted our wooden star pink! This is totally optional – naturally colored pine cones would look beautiful too!
  2. Fill your glass jar with salt (AKA snow). Use as much as you’d like! We used about 1.5 cups.
  3. Bury the first 6-10 inches of your dewdrop lights under the ‘snow’.
  4. Place one pine cone in the jar at a time.
  5. Circle the dewdrop lights around the inside of the jar as you place the remaining pine cones inside.
  6. Drop your star or other decor into the jar.
  7. Add evergreens, pines, twigs or other natural foliage into the jar – strategically (or sporadically!).
  8. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar. Feel free to glue it to the rim for added security.
  9. Sprinkle more salt all over the inside (the fine salt particles will beautifully blanket the natural decor!)
  10. Enjoy your latest DIY creation! Happy Holidays!

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