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15 Items NOT to Add to Your Baby Registry

what not to register for baby

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you have all of the essentials, plus any extras that will make your life a little bit easier as you adjust to parenthood. But, what are some items you actually don’t need? Below are a few items to pass up.

Here’s What Not to Register for…

1. Crib Bumpers.

The AAP strongly advises against the use of bumpers, stating bumpers increase the risk of suffocation and strangulation. Before I had my daughter, I had no idea how dangerous bumpers were and even purchased a pretty pink one to match her bedroom set. Needless to say, the only use it got was as decor before she was born.

2. Baby Detergent (like DREFT).

I cannot express this enough: DREFT should NOT be used on babies. It drives me crazy that it is marketed as a baby product when in reality the amount of chemicals can cause so many issues for little ones (and adults too!) Let me also say, I was guilty of using this very early on for a few loads of laundry prior to tossing it. A free and clear detergent like this one is a great option, but any free and clear detergent will be so much better for your little one!

3. Baby Magic Bullet.

Coming from someone who made all of her own baby food, there is absolutely no need for a Baby Magic Bullet. It does the same exact thing as a blender or food processor. Check out my post on how to make your own baby food for some tips!

4. Sterilizer.

OK – I’m guilty of purchasing one of these and we did actually use it. But, you technically don’t need one. You can easily boil your baby’s bottles and pacifiers in hot water on the stove or run them through your dishwasher on the ‘hot water’ cycle and ‘heat dry’ cycle.

5. Diaper Pails.

This is one thing I registered for and realllyyy wish I didn’t. Yes, we did use it when we changed my daughter in her room, but if we were downstairs changing her we would just throw the diaper in the regular garbage provided that it wasn’t a huge blow out! Plus, OMG, that smell of opening it after a day or two is horrendous (I know, some of your moms know EXACTLY what I mean – LOL). With that being said, IF you MUST have one of these, this one did work well for what its worth.

6. Diapers.

I’d register for a few if you’d like, but don’t go overboard! As time goes on, you will learn which brands work best for your little one. Also, if you do register for diapers, don’t register for the newborn size as many babies don’t even use them. Skip right to size 1.

7. Baby Powder.

You really shouldn’t use powder on your baby. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against it. Simply pat their little booty dry! And if your baby has a diaper rash? Use a little ointment like this one to soothe and protect their skin. Lastly, I must add… Johnson and Johnson (a company I do not recommend) finalllyy pulled all of their baby powder off of the shelf after numerous lawsuits regarding asbestos contaminated powders.

8. Wipe Warmers. 

The thought of a cool wipe on your babies bum may freak you out, but it is so much less traumatic than you may think. A wipe warmer is much more hassle than it is worth and some say it even dries out the wipes faster! Save your money for something else.

9. Bumbos.

What is a bumbo?! Something you don’t need! Babies absolutely do not need to sit before they are able. Plus, it can be dangerous if the baby tips over (the strap doesn’t help!) and doesn’t help with development.

10. Changing Table.

Hear me out… I am not saying you don’t NEED a changing table, although many people do just fine changing their little one on the bed, but I am saying it would be a better use of your time, money and space to register for a dresser and changing table topper instead.

11. Exersaucers, Jumpers, and the dreaded Walkers.

Let me begin by saying, walkers should never be used. They are banned in Canada and should be banned in the USA. The amount of children who fall down the stairs and severely injure themselves from these things is frightening. As for exersaucers and jumpers… Our pediatrician always said to avoid these, but some people feel mixed about the issue. From what I’ve researched, exersaucers and jumpers can hinder development and may cause hip issues. If you are looking for something to occupy your little one while you make lunch, purchase a playpen like this one instead.

12. Baby Hats & Mittens.

I have a million of these little ornamental hats and mittens and have only used them a couple times. Of course, you will need winter hats and gloves, but those little hats for wearing around the house? You can skip. The same goes for those little mittens. The reality is, mittens are rarely needed and some hospitals even discourage it. We always just kept our baby’s nails short to prevent scratching.

13. A Zillion Baby Outfits.

Babies grow so quickly and you’ll never believe how many outfits my daughter has wore once or not at all. Plus, you’ll definitely receive them as gifts when the baby is born so no need to add them to your registry.

14. Baby Shoes.

Baby shoes are so cute, so irresistible … and so impractical. These little things end up on the floor in .2 seconds! Stick with socks until your little one begins walking. After all, barefoot is best for foot development!

15. Baby Blankets.

You’ll receive plenty of baby blankets without adding them to your registry and soon you’ll be swimming in blankets galore!

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