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    40 Lenten Ideas for Families

    lenten ideas for families kids

    The Lenten season is a time to reflect, rejuvenate, repent and grow spiritually. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is the 40 days before Easter in which Christians participate in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving as we prepare for the resurrection of Jesus. However, you don’t have to be Christian, or Catholic, to participate in the tradition!

    Below are 40 ways you can celebrate Lent as a family this year!

    1. Plant seeds indoors and watch them grow.
    2. Create a list of things you are grateful for.
    3. Genuinely compliment someone each day.
    4. Stand up for other people. Be kind.
    5. Workout or practice yoga everyday.
    6. Pick up trash to cleanse the Earth.
    7. Pay for the person behind you in line.
    8. Go vegetarian or vegan for 40 days.
    9. Send a thank you note to someone.
    10. Pray for someone who isn’t kind.
    11. Watch a Lenten movie together.
    12. Give someone a hug.
    13. Give up social media.
    14. Give up TV for 40 days.
    15. Fast from desserts.
    16. Read a bible story daily.
    17. Go screen-free for a day.
    18. Say something nice to someone.
    19. Do not ‘dine out’ for all 40 days.
    20. Stop using plastic water bottles.
    21. Wash your feet with your family.
    22. Make cards for the homebound or elderly neighbors.
    23. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, local charity, or animal shelter.
    24. Using chalk, write words (or draw pictures) of love, peace, and encouragement on the sidewalk for everyone to see.
    25. Bless yourself with holy water in the morning and at night.
    26. Send an anonymous gift to someone who may need a little cheer.
    27. Collect food in a box and donate it to a local food pantry after Easter.
    28. Color with your family each evening and listen to calming, classical music.
    29. Hold the door open for everyone. Allow others to ‘go first’ in other ways.
    30. Hand out sack lunches with a couple dollars to the homeless in your area.
    31. Quit a bad habit (like biting your nails, staying up too late, or running late).
    32. Spend time in church, participate in Stations of the Cross & Confession.
    33. Raise money, collect food, and donations for a charity of your choosing. Ask neighbors, family and friends to participate too! Donate after Easter.
    34. Cut down on plastic waste. Avoid purchasing or using any plastic items for 40 days (including baggies, cutlery, condiment jars, plastic bottles).
    35. Send a little note to someone you don’t see often. Better yet, send a note to a new person every day for 40 days. Kids can draw a picture if preferred!
    36. Donate 1 or more items each day for 40 days. Here are a few ideas: kitchenware, clothing, socks, desk items, magazines, toys, books
    37. Limit your footprint on Earth: Turn off lights; walk instead of drive; take quick, cool showers; shop with reusable bags; and unplug.
    38. Cut down on spending. Avoid purchasing things you don’t truly need. For example, lattes, nail appointments, toys, clothing, games, snacks, etc.
    39. Give up something you enjoy. For example, a TV show, doll, makeup, styling your hair, screen-time, video games, snacks, or buying lunch.
    40. Be like Jesus. Don’t gossip; truly open your heart and mind to other’s perspectives; think positive thoughts; and forgive yourself and others.

    Spread love. Create peace. Be kind.