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February 2020

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    Hello! I’m Jen!

    Prior to becoming a mom, I’ve always been a health-conscious, beauty-loving, introvert-extrovert! Once I became pregnant with my daughter, my perspective started to change a bit. Quickly, I became intrigued as I began learning about even more aspects of health and wellness including toxins found in our daily lives. Soon I discovered, the vast amount of information that is often not covered in mainstream media and quite honestly, it shocked me. After much research and consulting, I’ve decided to share all I’ve learned with you – my friends both within my community and around the globe – with the hopes that you can ease into living as healthy as possible, as seamlessly as possible!

    We all want what is best for our children, so why not give them the best start we can possibly give?

    Disclosure: Everything recommended on this site has been fully researched and includes products my family and I use and own. With that being said, at times, I do partner with some brands, BUT I only partner with brands I trust and have personally researched. Honesty and integrity is of the upmost importance and I never recommend products or brands based solely off of a partnership. For my full disclosure, click here.